Pudding PBT double key keyboard OEM backlight mechanical keyboard milk white pink black gh60 poker 87 TKL 104 108 ANSI ISO

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  • Brand Name: DURGOD
  • Application: Laptop
  • Application: Number
  • Application: Tablet
  • Application: Desktop
  • Language: Russian
  • Language: English
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Language: French
  • Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys
  • Type: Wired
  • Operation Style: Mechanical
  • Style: Children's Cartoon Keyboard
  • Style: Mini
  • Style: Bamboo Keyboard
  • Style: For Laptop
  • Style: Solar Keyboard
  • Style: Numeric Keyboard
  • Style: Slim
  • Style: Split Keyboard
  • Style: GAMING
  • Style: Ergonomics
  • Style: Standard
  • Style: Projection Keyboard
  • Style: Track Ball Keyboard
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth
  • Interface Type: PS/2
  • Interface Type: USB/PS/2
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth/USB

    Pudding PBT Doubleshots Keycaps(keycaps only)

    Pudding PBT Keycap is a very magical doubleshot product which split pbt material with 2 different layers at sides.So it looks like pudding.
    Through exquisite tech, it brings two significant advantages:
    1Even though without led light, it also looks very beautiful.
    ​2When Leds turns on,the font and 4 sides can let light through, so it can bring a more fascinating visual effect.
    These PBT doubleshot keycaps are made in CHN. It covers all the standard layouts, Such as 104 ANSI,87 TKL, PokerII,ISO.
    OEM profile
    Doubleshot 1.1 mm PBT plastic
    Supported layouts: 100%, TKL, 60%, US ANSI, ISO
    Made in China
    Tech: Doubleshot
    Pls pay attention: Keycaps only,not including other things.ISO Layout only adds ISO enter and 1u , not including 1.25u shift. 

    IMG_1980 IMG_1942 IMG_1944 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1934 IMG_1935 IMG_1937 IMG_1939 IMG_1947 IMG_1949 IMG_1950 IMG_1941 TIM截图20200709113337 TIM截图20200709113349 TIM截图20200709113402 TIM截图20200709113412 TIM截图20200709113425 TIM截图20200709113436 TIM截图20200709113526 TIM截图20200709113534 TIM截图20200709113543 TIM截图20200709113553 TIM截图20200709113603 TIM截图20200709113614 TIM截图20200709113703 TIM截图20200709113713 TIM截图20200709113726 TIM截图20200709113737 TIM截图20200709113747 TIM截图20200709113757

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