Jimi ob22 mini car GPS Tracker plug and play, voice monitoring real-time tracking, provide multiple alarms for vehicles free of charge

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    Cheap GPS Trackers, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:Jimi OB22 Mini Car GPS Tracker Plug & Play With Voice Monitoring Real time Tracking Free Charging Multiple Alarms For Vehicles Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide! ✓Limite
  • Brand Name: tourrun
  • Item Size: 13*8.5*3.6 cm
  • Special Feature: Remote Control
  • GPS type: GPS Tracker
  • Model Name: OB22
  • Gps Module: Yes
  • Screen Size: No Screen
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Life: 1 To 4 Hours
  • Battery: 50mAh/3.7V Lithium-polymer battery
  • Working Voltage: 9-36VDC/32mA(12VDC)
  • Weight: 35g
  • Size: 4.5*2.5*3cm
  • Standard GSM frequency: 900/1800MHZ
  • America GSM frequency: 850/1900MHZ
  • Positioning: GPS +LBS
  • Location accuracy: <10 meters
  • Connector: OBD standard port
  • Standby current: 5mA
  • Operating Temperature: -20 -70
  • Tracking platform: www.tracksolid.com
  • 1. OB22 Plug & Play OBD GPS Tracker

    Jimi OBD Car GPS tracker is easy to fit OBD-II port (plug & play) with a superior location, tracking, reporting, logging, and security capabilities. Utilizing the GSM and GPRS communication network along with GPS technology, our GPS tracker is also an ideal solution for leased vehicles or large fleets.

    2.Jimi's Recommend

    1)【Free Installation, Free Charging】 -Get rid of complex and annoying installation, directly plug this mini GPS tracker into vehicles' OBD-II port to get it work; The OBD-II GPS Tracker directly connect with car ACC, no worry about the sudden power off, providing 24 hours continuous GPS tracking and monitoring for your car.2)【Real-time OBD GPS Tracking Device】 - GPS locating way : GPS + LBS, GPS location accuracy < 10m, GPS location updating time fast to 10s (10s / 20s / 30s / 60s / 120s for optional), Google map view: 2D Map View, Satellite View, 3D Street Map View, OBD GPS locator allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically.3)【Various Kinds of Smart Alerts】 - OBD Vehicle GPS tracker provides multiple intelligent alarms like Plug Out Alert, Power Cut-off Alert, Lower Battery Alert, Geo-fence Alert, Over-speed Alert. With highly accurate state-of-the-art GPS & Accelerometer Chip to detect unsafe drive behavior.4)【Tracks Playback & Geo-Fence】 - The driving route, staying time, driving speed and direction and so on are all automatically saved into Cloud Server for 6 months historical routes. Set a geo-fence (200m-5000m) so that the OBD GPS tracker limits its movement within a district, you will get a notification if it violates the district.5)【Professional App/ Web Platform - "Tracksolid"】 - Full location display (exact address/ moving status) + multiple GPS tracker devices management + Android & iOS mobile devices / PC/ Laptop/ iPad supported. If you have any question, please feel free to ask.

    3.Small Body With Big Function

    Give your car a safety guarantee!

    4.Compatible With Most Car

    With the built-in switching power supply, our OB22 Plug & Play OBD GPS tracker supports wide voltage input range: 9-36VDC. Those cars which produced after 2004 can be used normally.

    5.Why Choose Jimi OB22

    1)Mediatek Intelligence Chipset

    Our Plug & Play OB22 GPS tracker adopt high-performance processing chipest-MTK2503D.While reducing the power consumption by a large margin, the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased. Let you enjoy a more accurate life.

    2)GPS+LBS Double Positioning

    Our OB22 support both GPS and LBS positioning, GPS is for outdoor positioning. LBS is for indoor positioning. The GPS position accuracy is less than 10m, and the LBS position accuracy is less than 500m.

    3)Plug Out Alarm

    Our OB22 have a OBD standard interface, it is very easy to install. If have someone plugged out our OB22 from the OBD standard interface, it will send message “Attention!Device is being removed! ” to your phone or platform.

    4)OBD Free Charging

    OBD is the general agreement of automobile. Most vehicles produced after 2004 can be used. Our OB22 by adopting ultra-low power consumption - car battery power supply. The car battery power consumption will not damage the car battery.

    5)OBD Free Installation

    OBD is the general agreement of automobile. The OBD interface of most vehicles is under the steering wheel. This position is more convenient for us to installation. The installation is extremely simple, achieve plug and tracker.

    6)Mini Size And Smooth Appearance

    Our OB22 is very light and small, we can hold it in one hand. Sleek and light weight,simplise your car interior space, little is better. It is very easily to be hidden at anywhere. Keep the thief away from your lovely car.

    7)Covert Working Mode

    The appearance of our OB22 doesn't have any GPS mark. If there has any abnormality in the vehicle, it will give you an alarm and not emit any sound or light. Let the theft nowhere to run.

    8)Over Speed Alarm

    When the car is moving over a limited speed in average in a limited time period, our OB22 will send over speed alarm SMS to user. In this way, we can pay attention to the use of the car and avoid the unexpected accident.

    9)Low Battery Alarm

    When the electricity supply of our OB22 is cut off, it will activate plug out alarm. When the battery is less than 10%, it will send SMS:“Warning! battery is low, please charge in time! ”to SOS numbers.

    10)Fleet Management

    If you have bulk vehicles need to management at one account, our OB22 is your good choice. After you use our platform Tracksolid, you can track up to 10000 devices on a single account. It is convenient for you to monitor all you tracker in all time.

    6.OB22 Product Specification

    7. Smart & Professional Tracking Platform -Tracksolid

    After more than ten years of development and expansion,there have nearly five million users using our professional platform -Tracksolid. We are very happy to tell that It support the language of 22 countries now and can add more if you need. We can customize Logo / Domain name / APP with some charge. We can also offer open API to connect to your server.

    8. What Can Tracksolid Do For You

    1) Real-time Tracking

    On the monitor, we can grasp the current situation of the device in real time location.We can also see the Device name, Telephone, IMEI number, Location time.Show Street map, Satellite imagery, Ranging, Regional vehicle routing.

    2) History Route Playback

    We can view the history route of our device up to 6 months when we playback. Help us change our lifestyle about driving habits, fuel saving, environment friendly. Easily grasp where the vehicle has been there.

    3) Safety Boundaries Geo-fence

    We can set up a geofence for the tracker device to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send SMS to the authorized numbers when it goes out of this district.

    9. Our APP-Tracksolid

    We can download our APP “Tracksolid” from APP store or Google play.

    1). Tracksolid Download

    Firstly, We can Scan the QR Code to Download APP Tracksolid ( You can also find key words in the Google play or Apple store)

    2). Home page

    Secondly, We can sign up the account (Sign up with your email, find the verification code in your email)Thirdly, We can Login the account.Fourthly, Bind the device IMEI (We can click "+" to scan the device or manually enter the IMEI number)Finally, You are the best one. You can use it happily.

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