1. October 31, 2020

    Very useful accessories for cars!

    Now almost every family has their own car. Add some small accessories, can let us very convenient car. Let's take a stock of the most practical accessories on the car.

    First, dash cam. There is no doubt that it must be the first to say so. The driving data recorder can record the driving information at any time and anywhere to prevent the collision of porcelain, accidents and disputes.

    Second, vehicle mounted fire extinguisher. It can play a certain role when the vehicle is in an accident, the fire is not very big, and it can play a certain role when it is completely out of control. However, remember that the engine hood smokes, and do not open the engine cover rashly. If you can't control the situation, be sure to call 119 as soon as possible. The fire extinguisher has a shelf life and should be inspected and replaced regularly.

    Third, sunshade. In summer, when

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  2. October 31, 2020

    Tips for buying household LED lights

    1、 LED, incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp are not clear?
    Incandescent lamp is based on the principle of tungsten heating, which is our common round head bulb.
    Energy saving lamps belong to the category of fluorescent lamps, which emit light by phosphor and are more expensive than incandescent lamps.
    LED lamp adopts the principle of LED light-emitting, and its energy-saving effect is better than that of energy-saving lamp, and it is about 40% brighter than that of energy-saving lamp at the same wattage.

    2、 What are the types of household LED lights?
    1. Bulb lamp: the long bulb lamp is almost the same as the incandescent bulb lamp, which can directly replace the traditional incandescent bulb and energy-saving lamp.
    2. LED lamp: it adopts LED as light source, which is suitable for ordinary indoor lighting
    3. Ceiling lamp: as the name implies, it is installed on the ceiling, which is generally used in the lobby, bedroom, bat

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  3. October 31, 2020

    300 Camera Drone shows stunned everyone

    There are 24 buildings on the road along the North Bank of the Pearl River,
    The curtain of the incarnation stage,
    The facade outside the building is illuminated with colorful LED lights,
    Switch every 15 seconds,
    Form a huge picture.

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  4. October 31, 2020

    Mobile phone accessories that people can't refuse

    Not long ago, Yahoo developed a series of mobile phone accessories based on the "inconveniences" encountered by many mobile phone heavy users. The first time plaything saw these wonderful flowers, he was really shocked. But look at it again, think about the usual life will inevitably encounter these troubles, can not help but for the design of this series of accessories on 36 like!


    Yahoo four wheel drive vehicle

    Concentration is a good thing. When you focus on your display, it's even better to have the assistance of "Yahoo four wheel drive vehicle". No matter how rough the road is, you won't fall down, the wind and rain will not slip, and all obstacles will automatically pass by you. "Yahoo four wheel drive" is always at the forefront, so that your safety and entertainment can go together! No matter how rough the road is, you won't fall down, the wind and rain will not slip, and all obstacles will automatically pass by you. "Yahoo four

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